Žirje is the biggest island in Šibenik archipelago (15,8 km2) and the most distant from the mainland (22 km). It is famous for its raw beauty, clear blue sea and numerous natural rocky beaches. You can explore it by hiking, cycling or sailing around its coast.

There are around 30 bays around the island and the biggest are Mikavica, Koromašna i Japlenišće, Kabal, Mala i Velika Stupica, Tratinska, Velika i Mala Nozdra.

Due to the clear sea, beautiful bays and many islets, reefs and cliffs around it, Žirje is highly popular among yachtsmen.

Belvedere on Vela Glava

The highest peek is Kapić (131 m). On the peek Vela glava there is a belvedere with the stunning panorama on Kornati and nearby islands of Sibenik archipelago. On a particulary clear day it is possible to see Monte Gargano on Italian coast. The locals say that this is the spot to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the Adriatic. With the help of binoculars even the furthest spots can be seen clearly.

In the center of the island there is a big, fertile land where local people used to grow mediteranean plants (olives, vine, sour cherry, figs). Žirje is well know for a special type of yellow plum. Actually, the name of the island name is derived from an acorn since the island used to be covered with oak trees.

The island has been populated since prehistoric times. Unfortunately, today there are less than 100 permanent residents on Žirje.

Few hints on things to do on Žirje

  • Visiting bunkers – remains of a military base from Yugoslav era on Zvizdulja hill
  • Gradina fortress – do not miss a chance to visit the remains of byzantine defense system from the 6th century
  • Samograd complex – two stone built structures from the begining of 20th century used as a storage and a shelter for local people
  • Vela Glava belvedere – beautiful panoramic view of Sibenik archipelago plus remains of another military complex