The idea of our ‘brand’ started from a desire to provide something memorable. The logo, colors and marketing materials, all of that came later. 

We decided to use our experience and share love for our region and its culture. With one goal – to show the hidden part of it, far away from the crowds and mass tourism…

Archipelago Tours is a team of young, educated and passionate people with the same idea in mind:

“To deliver an experience in the way that we, ourselves, would like to experience somewhere.”

Experts in nautical tourism

We are a leading small group boat tour operator in Croatian central Adriatic, Sibenik region, providing services to individual clients, DMCs, OTAs, film production companies and other various agencies.

Our company was founded by a small group of enthusiasts with a long background in nautical tourism.

Modern travelers want to experience the destination through the eyes of locals.

The goal is to avoid mass tourism and crowd. Getting to the spot fast so you can have more time to discover it.

Another important aspect of travelling is to discover new tastes. That means to eat the food that is fresh, produced locally, preferably home grown and served by the landlord.

On our journeys you will be able to discover Dalmatia’s rich gastronomy.

We created an offer that we believe in.

Our aim is to be welcoming and genuine hosts that share what we love and who we are with our guests.

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Supporting the Community

Archipelago Tours places a high importance on sharing its success with the community – local staff and local purchases.

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Local Staff

Our staff is all local, fluent in English and knows the area perfectly. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions, share some facts and trivia, and even a secret or two on where’s best to eat, to swim, or which cliff to dive from.

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Local Purchases

Goods and services are purchased from local suppliers where possible.

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