Short guide for first time visitors of our part of Dalmatia plus few useful tips on beaches in Sibenik and those nearby.

Banj, the only beach in the center of Sibenik, artificial one, but nicely done. There is an open-air gym for those who like recreation and a nice beach bar. Plus this is a great spot for taking photos with the city in the background.

Pro – outstanding view of the city, great place to watch the sunset while swimming or sipping a drink.

Con – scarse shade, in high season avoid it untill late afternoon.

Beaches closest to Sibenik city center

Jadrija, definitely a favourite spot of Sibenik residents for more than hundred years! It was open in 1922 as a public bathing area. It is famous for the row of small cabins with colorful doors. These small cubicles, that served as changing rooms, eventually became small huts for daily stays and later even for overnight sleep. Soon Jadrija became favourite summer spot of locals. And even more, a way of life in the summertime.

Fun fact about Jadrija. It was actually an islet on the very entrance to Sibenik channel. In the begining of 20th century shallows between it and the mainland were covered and afforested with pine trees. Today it is considered as one of Sibenik’s neighbourhoods, although there is no doctor, no post office nor public transport…

Pro – pine trees, long pebble beach, clean sea. In high season it is better to come there with a boat that serves as a public transportation than with a car.

Con – overcrowded in the summertime due to numerous summer houses built in the area.

Martinska, a natural pebble beach on the peninsula just opposite Sibenik’s waterfront. The trees give nice natural shade.

Pro – close to the city, nice view of the whole city and nearby area.

Con – no facilities around.

Brodarica, village close to Sibenik (7.5 km) with few natural beaches all overlooking island of Krapanj.

Pro – nice views.

Con – in the summertime there are traffic jams on the road between Sibenik and Brodarica, especially in working hours, so it takes much longer to get there.

Amadria Park, there are couple of beaches within this hotel complex near Sibenik. The most famous one is a sandy beach, ideal if you like lying on the beach whole day.

Pro – big hotel complex, great for a family day out.

Con – overcrowded in the summer, deck chairs are not free of charge nor is the parking on the premises.

Beaches around Sibenik county coastline

Primošten, a village with couple of pebble beaches with turquoise crystal clear sea, overcrowded in the summertime. Takes a bit of time to get there from Sibenik (21 km of distance).

Vodice, close to Sibenik but overly turisitic place, with couple of beaches, partly artificial. Overcrowded with traffic and people.

Beaches on islands in Sibenik archipelago

Prvić and Zlarin are close to Sibenik with couple of nice pebble beaches. Both islands are traffic free and definitely worth visiting. The sea is clean, the beaches are small, natural and not crowded. Plus there is always some hidden free spot to find along the rocky coast if you want a secluded place.

Krapanj, the lowest island in the Adriatic, a true gem. In front of the hotel Spongiola there is a beach, artificial one, but nice. Overcrowded in the summertime and not too much shade unless you rent a deck chair with a sunshade.

Murter, an island bit off Sibenik, bigger island with many natural beaches. Most of them have a sandy sea bottom and rocky coast. The most famous ones are Kosirina, Slanica and Čigrađa.

There are many more beaches in Sibenik-knin county. The nicest, clear sea is in Kornati National Park. If you want to see it for yourself, do not hesitate to book one of our tours.


Take a look at Beach searcher – web page where you can find a lot of information regarding the beaches around the world.

For pet owners – most of the public beaches in Croatia are not pet friendly, meaning that local people expect from owners to take their animals somewhere else or at least on the outskirts of beaches.

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