Sibenik archipelago is a perfect spot for short, but interesting day tours or island hopping tours. There are numerous small islands, close to the mainland, some inhabited, but most of them are just wild nature. This archipelago of some 220 islands is considered as one of the most beautiful nautical areas not only in the Adriatic but in the Mediterranean.

This is a list of some of the most beautiful islands of Sibenik archipelago with beautiful aerial photos of Boris Kačan.

The inhabited islands near Sibenik


This is the most remote inhabited island of Sibenik archipelago. Due to its strategic position it was a military base for a long time which kept it out of the public eye, but also from mass construction, thanks to which this island has remained largely intact and unique. Its underwater is abundant with fish.

There are eight natural caves on the island.  The highest peek is Kapić (131 m) with ruins of an ancient circular stone wall. On top of the hill Vela glava there is a belvedere with breathtaking view overlooking the south entrance to Kornati through Samogradska vrata.


Situated in the central part of Sibenik archipelago, between islands Kakan and Zmajan. It was named after a caper plant whose flower buds are used as a spice in Mediterranean cuisine. There is a walking trail around the island, couple of nice beaches and couple of good restaurants. The only settlemet is named after the island itself. If you seek relaxing atmosphere and quiet vacation then Kaprije is the best choice.


Panoramic aerial of Zlarin port

Among all the islands in Sibenik archipelago, this is the closest one to Sibenik. Known also as the island of corals since coral harvesting is its most recognizable cultural heritage.

Zlarin is traffic free, but since there is only one settlement, everything is accesible by foot, so it is a perfect spot for family vacation. If you want to explore the rest of the island, you can do it by hikink or cycling.
From 2019 this island is the first plastic free island on the Adriatic (single-use plastic items were eliminated from consumption).

The highest peak of Zlarin is Klepac (169m) from where you can see the from Šibenik channel all the way to Velebit on one side and all the way to the volcanic island of Jabuka on the other.

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One of the smallest islands in Sibenik archipelago and closest one to the mainland. There are two quiet and peaceful villages on the island – Šepurine i Prvić Luke. In the past it was a popular as a vacation spot for Sibenik noblemens who used to build their summer houses there. Also known as the island of Faust Vrančić, a famous Croatian inventor. Today, there is a Memorial center on the island dedicated to Faust inventions.

Since Prvic is a small, traffic free island, the best wy to explore it is by foot. Here you can find out more about this island.


This is the lowest and smalles inhabited island on the Adriatic. The distance from Krapanj to Brodarica is some 400 meters. The highest point is barely 1,25 m.

The island is known for sponge harvesting whose history begins 300 hundred years ago. According to the story, a franciscan monk from Crete taught local people how to harvest and how to process sea sponges. Furthermore, people from Krapanj are also known for its long tradition in fishing and diving.

The centre of the village is typically Dalmatian – stone houses and interwined narrow stone streets. This dense net of houses is surrounded by small gardens and pine trees. In the middle of the island there is a monastery of St. Cross with a church museum. Its collection is dedicated to the hard everyday life of people from Krapanj in previous centuries.


Murter is the biggest island in Sibenik archipelago connected to the mainland through a bridge in Tisno. There are four villages on the island: Murter, Tisno, Jezera i Betina. The island has been inhabited since ancient times. The remains of an ancient Illiryan settlement called „Colentum“ near Betine are still visible today.

Due to the many beautiful bays with sandy and pebble beaches, island of Murter is a popular spot among yachtsmen.

Uninhabited islands near Sibenik


This island, situated between Zlarin and Prvić, is known as the “”Island of Youth”. It used to be an oasis for young scouts from Yugoslavia who came there from all over the country. Young people came there as volunteers and built everything from scratch – a camp, open-air kitchen, amphitheatre, docks…

The island is known for its pine tree forest and a clear sea. Today, it is turned into a private resort based on glamping, actually luxury bunglaows, and promoted as eco-friendly. The guests can enjoy in yoga, jet ski and other watersports besides sun and the sea.


Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Islands at your fingertips photo of island of Bavljenac taken from the air

This small, uninhabited island looks like a giant fingerprint from the air. It is covered with a net of stone built walls that remind us of the ridges on our fingertips. On our tours we pass by it. Please, take a look at our blog post about the fascinating story behind this little piece of land.


Uninhabited island known for its long, deep bay Tijašnica, a secure spot for boats with beautiful turqoise sea.


The south coast of this uninhabited island is a perfect spot for all those who love small, secluded bays. Perfect place spend on anchor on a peaceful summer night.


This uninhabited island is recognized among yachtsmen by its beautiful bay Potkućina. This bay is one of the most beautiful spots in Sibenik archipelago looking like a lagoon with greenish-blue clear sea.

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