How to choose the right tour

If you’re looking for a great day trip here are few tips on how to choose the right one that meets your needs and requirements.

1. What type of traveler are you?

You need to know yourself and what are your expectations. Do you like to travel in a group? If yes, do you like big crowds or smaller groups? Or maybe you are more an individual type of traveler?

If you are travelling with your family, check out if the tour is suitable for children or elders.

2. Read reviews before choosing the right tour operator

Reading about other travelers impressions can be very helpful and it will give you a good idea of what you can expect if you choose some particular tour.

3. Look for experiences, not attractions

You can explore a lot of cultural and natural sites by yourself. But usually, it is better to have professionals to guide you around. Especially if the destination that you would like to visit is distant, not easily approachable and full of hidden spots. Something similar to Kornati archipelago. A safe and fast ride along with tips and interesting stories by a local guide can change the whole experience of some place.

4. The cheapest tour is probably not the best one

This also doesn’t mean that you need to go over your budget or to pick the most expensive option. But a price tells a lot about the tour.

For example, you are in Šibenik and you would like to do a boat tour to Kornati National Park. There are many companies that do boat tours like us to this National park but there are many differences between them.

Big boat tours to Kornati

These tours are the cheapest option to visit Kornati, but… You’ll spend most of the day with some 50-100 people on the same boat. There will be only one stopover so you will see only small part of Kornati archipelago. If you don’t mind all this, than this is a tour for you. Plus you’ll also get free fish and chips.

Speedboat tours to Kornati

This is what we and some other agencies do. These tours are a more expensive but for a reason. Travelling on a speedboat means a fast ride, more time to spend on a destination rather than travelling plus smaller groups of people on-board. This is what a good speedboat tour to Kornati should offer.

Above all, the ride needs to be safe and fast and the best tours are guided. You should expect to see most of the islands of Kornati archipelago. That means not only the inner part of National Park but also the outer part with its spectacular cliffs. There should be several stopovers. That means that you’ll have time for snorkeling, swimming, walking, having coffee or lunch. Speedboat tours need to be small, meaning no more than 10-15 people on-board.

Private tours

If you have a bigger budget and you would like maximum privacy, than a private boat tour to Kornati or some other destination is probably the best choice.

5. See what's included

Admission tickets, beverages and meals may or may not be included on a tour.

Look for details or for “frequently asked questions” sections that offer all necessary information. A professional tourist agency should have all those information displayed clearly on their website including: price, terms of service and cancellation policy.

If there is no such information available, we would advise you to look for some other company that does similar day trips.