Dolac, the most charming part of Sibenik

If you want to avoid crowd but still enjoy the atmosphere of an old Sibenik, than you should visit Dolac. Find a spot in some of the taverns, sip a glass of wine, have a chat with locals…

Dolac is the most romantic and the most vivid of all Sibenik’s neighbourhoods. In the Middle Ages it use to be a suburb, but nowadays it makes and integral part of historical city center. It was an area where peasants and fishermen used to live and their spirit and their way of life is still preserved.

Here are some of the photos that capture the particular beauty of Dolac. Enjoy the view of small fishermen boat swinging on the sea, old and new houses mixed together in a multitude of forms and colors with a beautiful white cathedral dome in the background and a medieval fortress of Saint Michael that surmounts all other buildings.

Useful tip

Since everything is within walking distance, the best way to see it is by foot. On a hot summers day the nicest time to visit Dolac is during morning or in the late afternoon/sunset.  After the walk, you can go to the public beach Banj for a swim and enjoy the best panoramic view of Sibenik.


Dolac in Sibenik - a picturesque houses with colorful red roofs, boats moored along the waterfront and fortress of St. Michael on top of the hill

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