Global trends in travelling

The COVID-19 pandemia changed the tourism completely and it keeps changing it. Tour operators and others working in tourism sector are trying to adapt. As a small agency, we managed to keep on working despite all the circumstances.

The fact is that fewer people are travelling and  they are much more attentive while planning their trips. A lot of nowadays travelers are individual travelers and this type of tourism called FIT is increasing continuously. Plus, travelers are choosing one destination per travel preferably the one closer to home. But they also choose longer stays in the destination. The current trends are all about experiences that matter, as well as about well-being. Travelers also combine work and holidays more flexibly.

The service for many travelers needs to be contactless, more agile, richer and more tailored. On the other hand, some people long for humanity, hospitality and detachment from technology during their holidays.

Uncertainty and ambiguity regarding various restrictions and guidelines causes concerns in all of us, no matter what we do, travelling or working in tourism.

Sustainability is becoming more important than ever, both on the demand and supply side. Especially regarding the social aspects, such as the impact of tourism on the local economy or corporate responsibility towards employees and customers. And this is probably the best thing that came out of this situation.

Take a look at our tours and what we have to offer you. Looking forward to the new 2022 season, see you in Croatia!

Group of tourist on a square, in Sibenik, surrounded with stone built houses and a sculpture in the background