Kornati in black-and-white
Couple of old photos taken from the first guidebook about Kornati archipelago.
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Texture and colors of Kornati
An infinite play of sea and earth caught in a couple of magical photos of Kornati.
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Dolac, the most charming part of Sibenik
Few facts and photos about the loveliest part of Sibenik - Dolac.
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Sunrise in Kornati
A few beautiful first light photos taken by Dado Velikić on a quiet summer morning in Kornati.
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Archipelago Tours Photo ofone small island in Kornati from the air with two boats passing by
Kornati, ours and yours favourite destination, are celebrating an anniversary!
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Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Traditional Dalmatian desserts
Read about some of the most finest traditional Dalmatia desserts.
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Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Krapanj - hidden treasure
A story about small and charming island in Sibenik archipelago.
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Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: The sunscreen problem
If you wonder what is a reef-safe sunscreen and why is it important, read our article about the impact of these creams and lotions on our environment.
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