Few things to buy as a souvenir from Sibenik and its county.

Šibenik button

Nowadays a piece of jewellery, Sibenik button was once a part of a traditional male costumes in Sibenik. It was a small ornament made from silver. Every button was made the same and sewed in two rows along the frontline of the male waistcoat. Today it is made in silver and gold in various sizes. You can wear it in form of earrings, rings, pendant, tie pins, brooches… It is a very popular type of jewellery and you can buy it in every good jewellery store all over Croatia. An expensive souvenir but it will be your memento of Sibenik for a long time.

Take a look at the collection of traditional Croatian jewellery made by one of the most talented artisans.

Šibenik bagatin

In Venetian times, Sibenik was the first city allowed to coin its own money – it was called bagatin. One side depicted the Venetian patron St. Marco, and the other one St. Michael, a patron of Sibenik. This coin was used for two centuries starting from 1485. One of the jewellery makers from Sibenik restored it. Owing to him you can buy bagatin today as a souvenir or as a part of jewellery such as earrings.

Šibenik hat

Orange background with black spiral ornament – this is a very popular motive among Sibenik citizens. You can find it everywhere – from souvenirs, stickers, postcards, even on tatoos. Nowadays appearance of the hat originates from the late 19th century. There are numerous products with this motive for every budget.

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Corals from Zlarin

Among many species of corals in the world, the red ones from the Adriatic sea are esteemed as the most beautiful. Zlarin has a long tradition of harvesting corals and making jewellery pieces out of it. If you come to Zlarin, do not miss a chance to see some of these ornaments especially those kept in Zlarin parish church. There is a precious collection of old votive gifts in gold, silver and coral, given as a token by the people from Zlarin.

Here you can find out more about corals and jewellery from Zlarin.

Sponges from Krapanj

This small island is famous for the sponge diving. This long tradition is still alive and people from Krapanj are very proud of it. There are couple of shops where you can buy sponges. But they serve also as exibition places where you can find out everything regarding sponge harvesting and sponge diving. From original deep divers equipment, various tools to the extraordinary archeological artefacts found in the sea such as amphorae, coins, ceramic and jewellery from antiquity.

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Zvonimir Vila art

Last, but not least. For all art lovers and connoisseurs, do not miss a chance to visit an atelier of Sibenik based artist Zvonimir Vila. A true renaissance man – doing everything from old school graphic techniques, paint, sculpture… When you enter, it feels like going into a time machine. You will be able to see a true artist at work and we are sure you won’t come out empty handed.