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If you want to find out more about this fascinating archipelago and its unique connection with local people, follow our stories.
Group of three tourist visiting island of Prvic and Memorial Park Faust Vrancic
If you wonder what is a reef-safe sunscreen and why is it important, read our article about the impact of these creams and lotions on our environment.
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Photo of Archipelago Tours boat under one of the cliffs in Kornati archipelago
Enchanting photos and interesting facts about rock faces on islands in Kornati National Park.
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Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Michelin rated restaurants in Sibenik County
Learn more about some of the most famous and tasteful Dalmatian dishes.
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best hotels in sibenik
Wondering where to stay in Sibenik?Here is a short list with useful information about hotels in Sibenik city and its vicinity.
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true sea color - atours
Find out some interesting facts about different aspects of sea color.
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Blog about Kornati & other stories

Learn interesting facts and stories about Kornati and Krka National Parks, Sibenik and islands within its archipelago. Get to know all about well preserved wildlife, delicious gastronomy, rich history and culture of this part of Dalmatia.

And some useful tips to make your holidays more relaxed.

Olive tree, a symbol of Dalmatia
November 26, 2023
Things to know about Sibenik
May 29, 2023
Lovrijenac, one of the most famous fortresses in Dalmatia, built on a rock and defending city of Dubrovnik from the sea
Dalmatian fortresses
February 6, 2023