Dolphins are back in Kornati!

Finally, the species called ‘Common Dolphin’ returned to the Adriatic sea. They showed up exactly in Kornati archipelago!

This unique and very vivid sort of dolphins has disappeared from the Adriatic couple of decades ago due to various reasons.

Recently researchers of the Blue World Institute recorded around the isle of Mana, in the Kornati archipelago, (exactly where we take you on a trip) the largest observed group ever. They counted over 50 dolphins…
This species was considered extinct in the Adriatic Sea.

But they’re back!

– In Kornati area, about 2 NM west of the isle of Mana, we encountered a group of Common dolphins (lat. Delphinus delphis). We spent a little over two hours close to them. We were trying to collect information about their behavior and to take photographs necessary for photo identification. Most noteworthy, there was a young dolphin and a newborn baby in the pod! The dolphins occasionally floated at high speed and skidded. It felt much as being in the middle of ocean – said Tihana Vučur, a researcher at the Blue World Institute.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s look for them!

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