Mana island: Jump into the film… And into the sea…

“What are those strange houses on top of the hill?” This is what many visitors wonder while approaching the island of Mana for the first time. Ruines on the top of this island look really impressive.

Just like a movie set.

A movie on Mana? You’re right!

Although they look like the remains of an abandoned village, these ruins on island of Mana are indeed a part of a movie set. They were built in the fifties of the previous century, in order to simulate a scenery of some fishermen’s village somewhere in Greece.

The film appeared in cinemas in 1959. Its original title was in German – “Raubfischer in Hellas“. “As the Sea Rages“is the title of an American version, and it was a real blockbuster in those days. The famous actress Maria Schell, one of the first movie idols of the postwar generation, played in it together with Cliff Robertson and Cameron Mitchell, and the film was directed by Horst Hächler.

Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Island Mana: Jump into the film... And into the sea
Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: Island Mana: Jump into the film... And into the sea

Well, you can also walk among these ruins on a rocky cliff above the blue sea.

And feel like you are part of a movie.

And part of incredible nature, of course.

Everyone visiting Kornati will experience this unique landscape. No matter how many times you’ve been to Mana, you cannot stop admiring its unusual beauty. A beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.

Wild Beauty.

But, be careful, do not get too close to the edges!

After climbing the hill, on a hot summer day, all you want is to jump into the sea.

Please, don’t do it from the top of the rocks 70 meters high .

It would be safer to jump a little below…

And after the swim you can see another ruin.

But this time an authentic one.

The fort of Tureta was built, according to archaeological researches, in 6th century.

More about Tureta next time…

Book one of our Kornati experience tours and you’ll have an opportunity to experience Mana’s beauty by yourself.