Levrnaka, an island with the famous beach

We never miss a chance to stop here on our boat tours to Kornati National Park. Levrnaka is one of our favorite spots in Kornati archipelago for couple of reasons.

Lojena beach

One of them is Lojena, the only sandy beach in whole Kornati archipelago. And one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic sea. Its sea is pristine clear, the sand is snowy white and the combination of these two elements produces a magical turquoise color under the bright summer light. We love it so much that our feature website photo was taken on this beach.

Konoba Levrnaka

The other reason why we love Levrnaka is a restaurant “Konoba Levrnaka”. Situated on the other side of the island, opposite the beach, in a naturally protected, deep bay. Due to the good reputation of the restaurant and its secure bay, this is a popular spot for yachtsmen cruising through Kornati. They are chosen as 2nd best among 19 restaurants in Kornati on Tripadvisor.

This is what you can read on their website:

“The restaurant is owned by Mr Mladen Ježina from Murter. Family Ježina as the owner started doing business back in 1994. Today Konoba Levrnaka has 100 seats and the two floating pontoons.”

Some interesting facts about Levrnaka:

– It is the fourth biggest island in Kornati (island of Kornat is the biggest, than comes Žut and Piškera) – 3350 m of longitude, 118 m high, 10 km of coastline.

– Together with Mana, Piškera, Lavsa, Ravni Žakan, Levrnaka is one among many islands on the outer part of archipelago; this chain of islands faces the open sea and it is known as Lower Kornati.

– From the highest point (118 m) you can see impressive panoramic view of Kornati channel and nearby islands. 

– Levrnaka used to be an important fishermen’s location during wintertime and its name probably originates from this (Latin hibernare ‘winter’. it. vernarela vernata). 

– The island was once covered with woods.

Panoramic view of Kornati archipelago taken from the air
Levrnaka is recognizable from distance due to the Lojena's color