Michelin rated restaurants in Sibenik county

If you are passionate about gastronomy, here is a list of four Michelin rated restaurants in Sibenik county. Actually, all of them are officially classified as taverns or „konoba“ in Dalmatian dialect.


One Star • High-quality cooking, worth a stop

In Croatia only five restaurants gained a one-star rating by Michelin and one of them is Pelegrini (Michelin one star in 2018 and 2019). Situated in the very heart of Sibenik, next to the famous cathedral, it has been a leading Croatian restaurant for years.

Above all, it is exceptional in every way. Their philosophy of fine dining is visible in every detail – ambiance, furniture, ceramic dishes. Everything is designed exclusively for this restaurant. It is elegant, but it doesn’t feel pretentious and the service is excellent.

The food served here is an example of refined, high-quality modern cuisine for a true gourmand experience.

Offcial web page Pelegrini


Bib Gourmand • Inspectors’ favorites for good value

Only eight restaurants in Croatia have this „Bib Gourmand” rating and Konoba Vinko is among them. Among Michelin rated restaurants in Sibenik county, this is the only one with such status. It is also the only one situated outside Sibenik, in a small village of Konjevrate, some 15 km in the inland.

This place is one of our favorites. Hence, the food is excellent. You will be able to taste traditional Dalmatian gastronomy at its best (local high-quality prosciutto and cheese, homemade bread, famous Skradin veal risotto…). Although the deserts are not traditional Dalmatian sweets – they are delicious.

Certainly, you won’t regret if you go there. We guarantee you a great food served with love in a charming ambiance.

Offcial web page Konoba Vinko

There are two restaurants near Sibenik with a Michelin „The Plate“ rating:


The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal

A household restaurant named after a family nickname. Moreover, this is a very stylish place, situated on island of Murter.

The food served here is a modern cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Their philosophy is a fusion between tradition and modern gastronomy. The place is probably best known for its raw fish dishes.

We highly recommend this place.

Offcial web page Konoba Boba


The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal

Last but not the least, this is the only restaurant among these four where we haven’t been ourselves. But considering its position on a Michelin guide it must be a high-quality restaurant.  

The menu is described as a traditional cuisine with a modern twist (touches of molecular gastronomy), based on fresh, local ingredients.

Offcial web page Konoba Tri piruna

Finally, all of these restaurants are very popular so remember to make a reservation, especially in high season!

Note: all photos were taken from official websites of presented restaurants.

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