As soon as we exit Sibenik’s port you will be amazed by the beauty of a rocky St Anthony Channel – a passage that connects Sibenik’s bay with the open sea.

In the middle of the channel  you’ll see two big openings by the sea level.

Usually there is always someone on the boat who asks filled with wonder –„What is this?!“

These are so called „The Eyes“.

Actually, an impressive 200-metre-long sea tunnel excavated in a rock. It was dug in 1950s to hide and protect warships from air raids. But this was also as a strategic position to attack and immerse enemies boats in order to defend Sibenik.

Since the openings look threatening, they were called Hitler’s eyes by the locals.

Along the curve of the tunnel there is a narrow path. Therefore even today you can enter the tunnel by foot and  take a walk. That is if you are not affraid of dark, strange gurgle of the sea or bats and birds hidden inside of it.

Luckily, there are no combats here today, so instead of war ships the only ones that you can encounter are adventurers wandering or lovers in search of a quiet place…