How to avoid crowd in Krka National Park?

Sibenik is one of the rare cities in the world that has two national parks in its vicinity (approximately one hour driving by car or by boat).

Both of these parks, Krka and Kornati, have astonishingly well preserved flora and fauna, but they represent completely different aspects of Mediterranean natural habitats.

On the one hand, Krka river with its mesmerizing cascades and lavish green riverbanks. On the other Kornati archipelago with hundred islands, islets and reefs. Unlike Krka, here stone and sea are predominant elements whilst vegetation is scattered timidly in this waterless moonlike landscape.


Krka National park, famous above all for its waterfalls, tends to be overcrowded in the high season.

That depends which day of the week you choose to take a visit. We recommend to avoid weekends and holidays in high season.

Furthermore in high season it is wise to avoid middle of the day. Not only because of the high temperatures but also to enjoy quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Krka. So what we usually recommend is to get there early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

You can rent a bike in Skradin and cycle for half an hour to the waterfalls instead of taking the official National Park ferry. This ferry boat tends to be jammed with people. If you rent a bike, you will avoid the crowd and get a nice ride to the cascades.


Archipelago Tours Blog and Tips: How to avoid crowd in Krka National Park?
Krka waterfalls in wintertime

Although it is mostly visited during warm part of the year, Krka has its charms throughout the year. Sometimes during colder winters you will find yourself speechless looking at its beauty covered with snow.

We hope you will find some of our advices useful while planning your trip to this part of Croatia.

For all relevant informations about Krka National Park please take a look at their official website.