When you find yourselves in Sibenik, do not risk getting a parking ticket.

Cities authorities are zealous on giving them, and they are not cheap, from 500 kunas onward depending on the violation.

There are only few free parking places in the center of the town, spread here and there and occupied most of the time. But there are five public parking lots (blue) throughout the city. Not free of charge of course.

The biggest one and the cheapest is „Daily parking TEF”

Above all it is big so you will always find a free spot, working all day, and it is only 20 kunas per day for cars, 50 kunas per day for vans and campers. It takes a bit of walking, approximately 20 min by foot until you get to the center, but it is a nice walk all along the sea promenade. Plus there is a public beach Banj 2 minutes from the parking so during summer you can refresh yourselves after a walk.

Parking lot „Zeljeznicki kolodvor“

This parking lot is smaller but relatively close to the historical center – approximately 10 minutes by foot hence it is more expensive than the first one, 6 kunas per hour, free of charge only from 24:00 until 7:00.

Public parking „Izgradnja

Close to the previous one, 5 minutes by foot from the old town, the price is the same and it is free of charge also from 24:00 and 7:00, but it is relatively small.

Parking „Draga“ has a great location

It is right next to the ferry port, central bus station and historical center so the price is 6 kunas per hour during the whole day, even during the night. It is relatively big but in high season it is hard to find a free spot.

„Gat Krka“ and „Poljana“

Finally, the remaining two parking lots are the most expensive, located in the very center, one is on the waterfront – „Gat Krka“, and the other is in front of the theater building – „Poljana“. Both of them are 10 kunas per hour during the whole day and night. Poljana is currently being rebuilt, so for the next couple of years it will be closed.

Besides these parking lots, there are street parking places divided into 3 zones

The first is Zone 0 (pink) it is the most expensive and it includes street parking on the waterfront. The price is 10 kunas per hour, free of charge from 23:00 until 7:00.

The second is Zone 1 (red), it includes parking spots in these streets: Kralja Zvonimira, Ante Starcevica, Karla Vipauca, Petra Grubisica, half of the street Stjepana Radica, fra Stjepana Zlatovica, Vladimira Nazora and Matije Gupca. The price is 5 kunas per hour, free of charge from 23:00 until 7:00.

The third is Zone 2 (yellow), it includes parking spot in these streets: Sv. Nediljica, Put groblja, Zagrade, Tezacka ulica, Ante Supuka, Vatroslava Lisinskog, Kamenarska, Put gimnazije and Petra Preradovica, plus the other half of the street Stjepana Radica.  The price is 3 kunas per hour, free of charge from 23:00 until 7:00.


Opposite from the old town, on the eastern part of the city called Mandalina there is hotel complex D-resort. Within its premises there are two parking lots (green) that cost 10 Euros per day.

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