When in Sibenik, do not miss a chance to visit some of the major attractions in its vicinity.

1. Take a boat tour to Kornati National Park

Since this is our favourite spot, you can find a lot of topics on our blog regarding Kornati. The most important article is our guide to Kornati in our blog post Useful information about Kornati. But we have written about other interesting topics and spots of this spectacular archipelago such as cliffs, islands, stonewalls and its history…

Famous for its pristine beauty and extraordinary moonlike landscape, you will witness Kornati frightening cliffs, remains of fortresses, churches and other ruins.

If you are still not sure whether to take a day trip to Kornati, take a look at our tours and see what we can offer you.


2. Daily trip to Krka National Park

Our second favourite spot in Sibenik vicinity represents a complete opposite of Kornati. A lush green river scenery of river Krka with its worldwide famous waterfalls.

Since it has become a very popular tourist destination, here are few tips how to avoid crowd if you decide to visit this national park.

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3. Visit the islands of Sibenik's archipelago

Šibenik's channel with nearby islands and old city in the foreground

Unlike Split archipelago, islands in Sibenik vicinity are small and very close to the mainland which makes them a perfect location for daily visitors.

You can visit one of these islands or you can take a private island hopping tour and visit few of them in just one day.

Among these islands, the most interesting ones are Prvic, Zlarin, Krapanj, Kaprije and Zirje. These islands are inhabited and small ferries connect them to the mainland.

4. Explore Sibenik's hinterland - archaeological sites and ruins

Sibenik hinterland is still undiscovered. There are numerous hidden spots with fascinating natural beauty and untold interesting stories from Dalmatian history. These sites are spread across the territory of upper reaches of the Krka river.

Ortodox monastery, Visovac island and its monastery, ruins of medieval fortresses and Roman military camp, few less known, but equally alluring, waterfalls of Krka… You can visit these places by car or you can choose to be more active and do it by walking, trekking, cycling or even kayaking.

5. Natural phenomena around Sibenik: springs

The spring of Krka

Waterfall Krčić, known also as Topoljski buk or Veliki slap is a place where Krka river begins. Actually, rivers Krčić and Krka form a unique system. During summer, the Krčić river and its waterfall disappear. That is the only time when you can see the spring of Krka situated under the waterfall.

This is a great spot for a daily visit. Close to Šibenik yet you will find yourself immersed in a beautiful landscape ideal for cycling and walking.

The waterfall itself is impressive, 22 meter high with a small picturesque bridge in front of it. There is a trail, built during Napoleon rule, leading from from the spring along the course of Krčić river.

White foam on Krcic waterfall

Cetina river and the church of Holy Saviour

The springs of the Cetina river are among the most extraordinary natural sights in Croatia. This one is the biggest, called Glavasevo vrelo. It is a special type of spring, called the Lake Source (a small lake from where the river slowly flows). The water is very cold and crystal clear, so you can see the abyss beneath. From up high it looks like a giant eye. The true depth is unknown, however the explorers managed to dive down to 115 meters and still haven’t reached the end of it.

Beautiful medieval church of Holy Saviour (Sveti Spas in Croatian), built in the 9th century, is situated near the spring of the Cetina river. It is the only well preserved large pre-Romanesque church that did not undergo any greater interventions subsequently. Its main feature is a main facade – a church tower (called westwerk), oldest in Croatia and still standing. There are small metal doors on the entrance but they are open. If you are curious, you can enter the church and see how it looks from the inside.