Almost like a fingerprint of some old and tired hands, island Bavljenac represents the trace of Dalmatia like it once was. Dalmatia made of olives, grapevine, sardines and sheep. Made of poor, tough and proud people, hardworking and full of soul.

Few acts about this small but interesting island

Uninhabited island Bavljenac is only half a kilometer long. It covers an area of 0.14 square km. If connected together all the stone walls on this island would make as much as 23 km of a straight line. These walls were built by hand, mostly in the 19th century during the golden era of Dalmatian wine production.

The grapevine in Dalmatia grows on rocky soil with lot of sun and lack of rain. Bavljenac is ideal for that and you can easily imagine how it looked like when it was completely planted with grapevine. There are more than 105 registered properties on the island, basically all of them owned by people from a bigger nearby island of Kaprije. There are no piers or safe harbors on Bavljenac.


Bavljenac is on our Kornati Experience boat tour route 

Pick one of our tours to Kornati – a group tour or a private one – and you’ll be able to see Bavljenac when we pass by it. If you wish to gind out more about Kornati National park you can read our post “Useful information about Kornati” or you can visit the National Park official website.


Map showing distance from Šibenik to the island of Bavljenac
Photo of island of Bavljenac, an island whose stone walls recall surface of fingertip, taken from the air with Sibenik archipelago and mainland in the background

Today unfortunately there are no vineyards on the island. Only the old stone walls that remind us of a hard work our ancestors did to make a living.

Just recently Bavljenac was nominated as UNESCO world heritage cultural site.

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